3 Tier Liquor Bottle Shelf

3 Tier Liquor Bottle Shelf

3 Tier Liquor Bottle Shelf

3 Tier Liquor Bottle Shelf
  • Ideal for restaurants, bars, lounges.
  • Offer customers a showcase of your finest liquors in a dazzling lighted display
  • 44 key remote allows for easy access to change different color background.
  • Acrylic material ensures long-lasting durability and is resistant to dust and scratches.
  • Display your favorite liquors for optimal visibility with this 3-tier acrylic liquor shelf
  • Just the right size-not too big and not too small.
  • The LED lighting makes it easy to see the bottles from all angles and colors.
  • Each bottle is lit up as if in a spotlight!
  • 24 Inch & 30 inch Size, great for restaurants and bars that want to show off their liquor bottles in style.

Product details

Led Liquor Shelf – Start Building Your Perfect LED Bar Today!

Enjoy the convenience of having an illuminated liquor display. With the 44 key remote control, you can adjust colors, brightness, and intensity to create your desired atmosphere. The 3 tier liquor bottle shelf is better for displaying bottles of wine or spirits and can be used as a chic focal point in a bar, kitchen, or living room. The high-quality, acrylic material will withstand constant use and looks great with any decor.

This shelf features a LED display that is easy to read and has multiple-colored LED lighting. It can hold up to 18 bottles of liquor, which you can conveniently store and display. You need a new way to showcase your favorite spirits or a different way to organize your bar. M&E lighted bar shelf will not only do the trick, but also make a statement with its wonderful design!

Custom 3 Tier Bottle DisplayCustom Tiered Liquor Bottle Display

Stop fighting for space on your counter or cabinet! Add more storage and style to your home with this beautifully designed liquor bottle display. With it’s sleek design, you can easily move it to the perfect location in your home.

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