Clear Bird Feeder

Clear Bird Feeder

Clear Bird Feeder

Clear Bird Feeder
  1. Easy to install, the clear design lets you keep an eye on bird feeding from any angle.
  2. Large enough to accommodate a variety of seeds
  3. This feeder is fully equipped to prevent ground-feeding birds from spoiling the seed
  4. Comes with 4 strong suction cups for secure installation.
  5. Easy to clean and refill at will for the whole family’s enjoyment
  6. Feeding trays are dishwasher safe
  7. Product Size: 20*10*20cm,  Model: M&E-1324

Product details

Never miss the bird show again

Feeding wild birds is a fulfilling and relaxing pastime for many people. If you’re one of those bird lovers, then the Clear Bird Feeder is for you.

This modern designed feeder with 4 Strong suction cups on the bottom securely attach the feeder to an outdoor surface so that even when the branches sway in the wind, it won’t fall over, have 5 compartments will give you plenty of space to hang enough suet or seed for your feathered friends, and can be filled one at a time without making a mess. Clear design and see-through walls make it perfect for watching the birds and being at peace. No more dirt or mold on the food, and rain stays out too.

The feeder is made from quality acrylic material. It can hold 12 ounce of seed and is easy to take apart for cleaning. Also it can be used year-round and is perfect for feeding either wild, native birds or backyard creatures. The detachable lower tray means easy filling and cleaning without taking out the whole feeder.

Now you can enjoy watching wild birds up close and personal without any of the mess with this unique feeder.