Window Bird Feeder

Window Bird Feeder

Window Bird Feeder

Window Bird Feeder
  1. Heavy duty acrylic construction.
  2. Large bird feeder design to cater to your growing cravings for more bird watching.
  3. Convenient design that lets you easily refill when seed runs low.
  4. Weatherproof to protect the food from moisture and other adverse conditions
  5. 100% clear, so that the beauty of nature is visible for all to enjoy.
  6. Effortless seed refill with two removable sliding trays that are weather resistant for extended use.
  7. Easy to clean, scratch-free, and leak-proof.
  8. Prevent squirrels from stealing all your bird seed!
  9. Product Size: 30*10*13cm   Model: M&E-1328

Product details

Birds can be noisy and messy, but they provide people with hours of enjoyment and a sense of tranquility.

Window bird feeders are an easy way to bring the outside inside, and there are many different styles and sizes of feeders that you can purchase.  This type of feeder is perfect for those who have a lot of windows on their home or office, because it will give them the opportunity to have more   birds coming to their location, Also great for those who want to attract birds while they’re away at work or school. Placing this type of feeder near your window will allow you to see what cardinals and sparrows do while they’re visiting your home.

The traditional way of feeding birds is by putting food in a feeder that is hung in a window. The feeder is usually full of mixed seeds and the birds    will come and eat from it.

A window bird feeder is just a type of bird feeder that you put on your windowsill or near the window so the bird can come up to it and eat the food.

Do you want to enjoy the beauty of birds in your life? Our acrylic window feeder is a perfect solution for you.

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