Windowsill Bird Feeder

Windowsill Bird Feeder

Windowsill Bird Feeder

Windowsill Bird Feeder
  • Clear view of the bird feeding.
  • Eliminate pesky food spills by using removable tray.
  • 4 powerful suction cups keep it securely in place
  • 3 section with water sink design
  • Suitable for all size birds
  • Durable tray with drainage holes for quick drying and mess-free feeding
  • The artificial grassland roof is perfect for birds that like to perch on a surface
  • Product Size: 28*11.5*28cm  Model: M&E-1322

Product details

Looking for a way to keep your favorite birds all fed?

Birds want to be fed. And they’ll be happy to eat from your hand, but it’s not always the best way! Windowsill Bird Feeder is the perfect solution! Enjoy the satisfaction of watching birds feeding on their own bird seed, every day.

Match with the Bird Swing is an excellent option gives you an opportunity to enjoy a private backyard sanctuary, where birds come and eat from your own bird feeder, and will not fly away. With 4 strong suction cups included, you can attach the feeder to any window of your choice.

All materials are food-grade, free of toxins that can harm the birds.

Keep birds happy and occupied with a bird feeder right on your own windowsill. The tray is removable for easy filling, cleaning and refilling.

Get a birdfeeder that will never let your favourite birds miss meals due to bad weather or other issues. The unique design will make any window become the perfect place to feed birds.

Start enjoying the company of lovely housemates from up close, buy a Windowsill Bird Feeder now!