Bird Feeding Station

Bird Feeding Station

Bird Feeding Station

Bird Feeding Station
  1. Birds will stick around longer, giving you an opportunity for a perfect photo
  2. The large feeding space of the bird feeder is excellent for birds eating.
  3. The water pool at the bottom of the feeder makes it easier for birds to drinking.
  4. With a 3 floor design, there’s plenty of room for different types of birds to feed.
  5. Feeder’s height is adjustable for maximum bird comfort while feeding.
  6. Will keep the birds healthy and energetic..
  7. Product Size: 14*10*40cm  Model: M&E-1357

Product details

No bird will leave hungry or thirsty with this beautiful feeder!

Designed for the most diverse of avian species, so your backyard can be a home to birds from all around the world.The water pool at the bottom of the feeder will provide a clean and sanitary environment for the birds to bathe in, so it won’t dry out overnight or during those hot summer days.This bird feeding station has a large feeding space with ample perching area for an entire flock to enjoy themselves at once.

3-level design creates a larger feeding space, numerous fruits and nuts can be offered at the same time on the feeding platforms.You can place this anywhere in your garden and bird lovers will flock to it.

Keep your yard bird-friendly with this high quality bird feeder! Don’t wait for winter! Buy now!