Triangle Bird House

Triangle Bird House

Triangle Bird House

Triangle Bird House
  • Material that is safe for the birds and will last for years.
  • These suction cups will hold tight to your window.
  • You never have to worry about it falling down.
  • Can be hanged to trees for better stability.
  • No more worries about your bird getting stuck in a tree or branch.
  • Prevent instances of panic or falls due to the inability to get down from a high place
  • Product Size: 13*8*11.25cm,  Model: M&E-1350

Product details

Do you have a bird house?

You love birds and have been wanting to get one for your garden. But it’s difficult finding the right one because there are so many types out there. Which size do you choose? A big one or small one?

Triangle Bird House is perfect for you. It has strong suction cups and a safety rope to prevent an accidental fall, which means this bird feeder is ideal for smaller wild birds. The design of this construction can protect your favorite animals from any weather.

You might see bluebirds pecking on the seed tray or taking a nap in one of the many cozy perches.

The product is perfect for small wild birds, and they’ll love living in the cozy surroundings of this durable bird house.

No more mess and interference, it’s time for your pet birds to live happily in this home!