Window Feeder

Window Feeder

Window Feeder

Window Feeder
  1. Clear acrylic window provides clear view of the seed level with an easy-to-clean design
  2. Eliminates the need to remove seed tray for cleaning
  3. The tray is removable and has slots to hold perches or seed
  4. Feeder includes drainage holes and swing for a healthy diet
  5. Large enough to give your little friend plenty of space and opportunity to explore freely.
  6. Product Size: 30*10*13cm,  Model: M&E-1323

Product details

A revolutionary way to seed and monitor bird feeders from indoors.

Well fed birds means happy birds, which means a happy YOU. With a window feeder you can take that opportunity to offer your feathered friends some tasty morsels in an easy to install and maintain feeding station. Why not make a great impression with our clear acrylic window feeder?

Keep your pet birds healthy and happy with this product. A great way for you to watch your bird in a natural environment without actually being there. You can easily feed your bird and keep an eye on it at the same time.

Clear acrylic material allows easy viewing of the seed levels and helps to provide birds with a natural view of their surroundings. A swing or perch is included to create a natural environment that attracts birds and helps them feel safe. The removable tray helps to avoid seed spillage, which may attract unwanted animals. Drain holes in the feeder bottom allow rain water to flow through the feeder without seeping into the seed compartment.