Acrylic Earphone Stand

Acrylic Earphone Stand

Acrylic Earphone Stand

Acrylic Earphone Stand
  • Holds your headphones for a tidy desk
  • Keeps your headphones from tangling and falling off
  • Perfect for your office desk, bedroom, study area or anywhere you need to make your entertainment more organized.
  • Made out of high grade acrylic with a classic black-polished finish.
  • So unique and elegant, it’s hard to believe that you’re just holding headphones on them!
  • Maximize the use of your desk space with the support for all headphone sizes.
  • A perfect gift for people who can never find their headphones!

Product details

Stop clutter and laziness, tidy your desk by using a headphone display stand!

Save time, make your life much easier, and help your productivity soar with our lightweight, thin, and breathable acrylic headset hanger. You’ll love the sleek look of your roomy desk!

Our acrylic earphone stand can hold many types of headset securely without scratching them. Keep your office supplies organized to save more time!

Nest your headphones in a durable, strong holder that you can easily find when you need it. The sleek design of this stand will make your desk look neat and organized while providing a secure place to store your headphones. Keep your earphones from touching other items on your desk or from getting lost under it. This is the perfect accessory for people who travel often or use their office desk often.

Organize your headphones and maintain a safe environment for them with a acrylic headset stand support!