Acrylic Case for Action Figures

Acrylic Case for Action Figures

Acrylic Case for Action Figures

Acrylic Case for Action Figures
  • With 15 or other compartments, there’s enough room for all your collectibles
  • Keeps everything tidy and neatly displayed for easy access
  • Bright color makes it easy to find what you’re looking for
  • Store your collectibles in a clear and elegant way.
  • This display case is perfect for displaying your figures.
  • Display case is acrylic, so it will not fade or yellow with time.
  • Strong magnet on the door to keep all collectibles in place.

Product details

Protect your prized possessions with this figure display shelf!

Looking for a perfect display case to show your collectibles? This acrylic case for action figures is the best choice you can make! You will be amazed by how many display cases can fit in this acrylic tray. This rack is really space-saving and the material is of high quality. The acrylic does not scratch easily and will keep your figures or other items safe from dust, dirt or other contaminants.

15 compartments are stackable with neodymium magnets to make storage easier – simply stack the compartments! Each compartment holds up to 50pcs standalone figurines like your favorite pop figure, toy, or doll. No more need for shelving or drawers to store your collection! Great for displaying your items in the living room, office, bedroom, and even in the bathroom!Desire:

M&E acrylic display case for Collectibles is lightweight and portable. It’s perfect to take with you on vacations or to use when changing your home decor. You can display one piece or put multiple pieces in one compartment.

Stop throwing them back into the box or carrying them around in a crumpled up bag – buy the acrylic shelf for collectibles and make things easy!