Led Lighted Display Case

Led Lighted Display Case

Led Lighted Display Case

Led Lighted Display Case
  • The perfect display for any aisle or toy store.
  • Brightly lit and in full view of customers automatically attracts attention
  • Store your action figures in a way that they look like they’re ready to jump right out of the box!
  • 44 key remote control lets you manually turn on, off or change both light modes without getting up from your sofa.
  • It’s easy to find any toy you want.
  • Create an interactive display of your action figures with this nifty shelf.
  • Keep all your figures in one place with 2, 3 tiers, accommodate for all your needs.

Product details

A perfect way to show-off your action figures!

This led lighted display case is clear that you can put some gifts inside and place it on the table. There are more than five lights on the bottom, which make this display case shine brightly. The carat on top of the acrylic box is detachable, so you can change the point of view according to your needs.

It’s just what you’ve been looking for in a beautiful gift packaging! Customers can interact with objects when they are put on this display case. Display your items beautifully using the luxury clear acrylic box with LED lighting from crystal clear cases!

Superior design of light up display case offers a richer and more vivid color of your product or artwork. It is a best-selling items for a gift or decoration!

If you are looking for a gift box, or you want to buy some expensive jewelry for yourself, this lighted figure display shelf would be the best choice. It will protect your items very well and show them in an attractive way. You can order it online, or go to some local store that sell these kinds of goods.

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